With a war in heaven leading to the gods decline from the material plane and the introduction of magic into a world of competing city states the Southern Orn family seized their opportunity and created an empire spanning the continent. Forged from a hundred years of blood and magical fire. All across the land numerous races and people bent the knee to the royal family and the empire of Orndenar.

Now a millennia later the empire is on the brink of collapse. 100 years before, an empire-wide revolt against magic users left thousands of practitioners dead and the rest exiled to their coastal fortress, their access to magical allies severely weakened the Ornish grip on the continent is failing. The empire is hemmed in from all sides; impassable seas to the West and South, a Western continent fiercely defended by strange gigantic creatures and a northern mountain range from which none have returned. This couples with internal strife, from duke's seeking independence, rumours of mythical creature sightings and tense relations between the magical races weakening the foundation from which a new Empress seeks to rule.

Now the spring months have arrived but the winter has not released its grip, harvests are failing and the empire is at risk of starving with a blight spreading across the Eastern grain belt. In darkened rooms, unseen enemies watch the chaos unfold and smile as their time to strike draws near.  

Will you fight the rising tide of chaos overtaking the order of the empire to save it from the brink, use this opportunity to fix the failings of the imperial family's rule or allow it all to fall to ruin at the hands of shadowy cabals? 

Orndenar an Empire in Crisis